As expected with any weight loss product you may experience some discomfort like dry mouth/pasty tongue, headaches (usually due to not drinking enough water) or irritability. Those who are sensitive to caffeine may experience jitteriness and insomnia until they have adjusted to the product.

It widely depends on the individual based on lifestyle, weight, activity factor etc. As a rule of thumb you should be drinking a MINIMUM of 1 glass (250ml) of water per 10kg of your bodyweight.

Although it is not completely necessary to diet or exercise, (Providing you are not constantly over eating) eating right and staying active will yield greater, faster results and it will reap great benefits for your body. Ask your agent about the meal plan included with your Flabuloss purchase!

In a perfect world, you should be able to use them without any problems, but bodies are weird and wonderful things and they all differ, so it is always best to confirm with your GP when uncertain.

It would depend on the child’s age, weight, height, sensitivity to caffeine etc. It is best to get the go ahead from your GP first, just to be safe.

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No you cannot. Everything you consume, your baby consumes. Flabuloss does contain stimulants and it is not a good for a baby’s tiny heart and body. They are still growing.

They are not; you are highly likely to be sensitive to the stimulants in Flabuloss. Stick to phase one’s dosage until your body has adjusted.

The scale is not your friend. I can assure you the quantity on that scale means absolutely nothing. Track your centimetres and judge by the fit of your clothing. You want to lose fat, which does not always mean losing weight on the scale. The scale only tells you what your total mass is, it does not take into consideration how much of that mass is fat, bone, water, muscle etc. I usually go by body fat percentage but if you do not have access to a calliper just measure your neck, chest, right arm, waist, hips/bum and right thigh. Rather keep track of centimetres lost. Kg lost has no definite benefit to your body composition when compared to fat loss and centimetres.

You take it first thing in the morning (before 9am) on an empty stomach.

To ensure your body does not become used to the ingredients.

It is not advised.

Currently only in South Africa

Prices are set at a strict minimum of R490 for 60 capsules and R165 for a 20 capsule trial pack. 

You can discontinue use as soon as your goal weight is reached or you can take them for maintenance as indicated on the bottle.

That would depend entirely on you, health needs constant maintenance. If you eat incorrectly and do not work to maintain, you will of course gain weight.

The metabolic process is natural whether you take the tablets or not. Your metabolism speeds up in metabolic response, so when you eat, when you drink caloric drinks etc. Once it has no more work to do, it slows down again. Unless you are taking the capsules other than the recommended directions and do not starve yourself, it should not pose any problems.

I would not recommend this at all; taking more of the product than recommended will not speed up the process. Remember too much of a good thing can be bad. It is possible to overdose, even on natural supplements. You could end up doing more harm than good. Be patient and trust the process, all good things come to those who wait. Take them as you should, fuel your body with nutrient rich foods and stay active, this is the only sustainable formula for long term weight control.

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